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This is Why Trump is your President until 2024

Trump is great. And every great leader has their fair share of haters. His approval rating has gone up, albeit a little bit. At 47.3% -- according to Real Clear Politics -- the highest mark since he took office, Trump’s approval rating tells the same great story that his supporters have been drumming for ages: President Trump will get a second term.

The small margin of increase in President Trump’s rating is an indication that he is getting more approval in the wake of Covid-19 crisis. Public opinion on Trump has been deeply entrenched on both sides and the small increase is significant, particularly now that coronavirus has brought forth a referendum-like opportunity. So why should you reelect Trump?

1. Effective Response to Coronavirus

Despite what critics called ‘reckless flu comparisons’ and a lagging response to the warning of the pandemic, the president has done a good job in averting panic among the US citizens and in giving hope during these trying times. His hesitance to declare a national stay-at-home order at the moment, with a sensible reason that every state has unique phases of the pandemic to deal with, does not mean that a national quarantine cannot happen in the future. The respective states can react as they deem fit as far as lockdown is concerned.

The President has done so much in ensuring that the country receives the medical supplies it needs to curb the pandemic. The fact that he appears at national briefings with Dr. Anthony Fauci, the country’s top medical expert, is in itself an indication of how much consideration the President gives to health experts in fighting coronavirus pandemic.

Even though the pandemic has unrolled so quickly that the government has been trying hard to catch up, massive amounts of medical supplies including ventilators are being sent to the states, including the most hit state of New York. Better still, is that most of these supplies have been manufactured and supplied by the American workforce.

It is early days as far as the pandemic is concerned but by the end of the crisis, it is going to be clearer to more American voters that they need to keep Trump in the White House.

2.Growth in American’s Economy

President Trump has been very passionate about the growth of America’s economy, perhaps more passionate than any other president the USA has ever had (think about how many tweets he has on this). Speaking at his Union address in February, he hailed his pro-growth policies which he says have helped Americans with jobs and wages. Under his watch, unemployment rates have declined, reaching 3.6% by January this year from 4.8%, according to the US Labor Bureau of Statistics.

Since Trump took office in January 2017, 6.7 million jobs have been added to the American workforce, with specific groups also benefiting. “The unemployment rate for African Americans, Hispanic Americans and Asian Americans has reached the lowest levels in history,” he said.

For 2019, data from the US Bureau of Economic Analysis shows an annual average growth of 2.3%. Besides, the US financial markets have been showing growth during his tenure, with the Dow Jones Industrial Average reaching record highest under his administration.

Concerned about the dropping oil and gas prices, Trump has talked with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia to cut back ‘approximately 10 million barrels,’ according to his tweet. These positive turn of things economics, supported by credible data, will propel Trump to a second term in office.

3.Putting Money in the Pockets of Americans

His administration recently offered a $2 billion stimulus package to help Americans get over this grim economic situation. Putting money directly in the pockets of Americans will have a bigger effect on wooing more voters.

Furthermore, Trump signed into law Tax Cut and Jobs Act two years ago. A study showed that an average family of four earning the median annual income of $73,000 received a cut in income taxes of $2,000.

The gains in America’s stock market also means more money in the wallets of 42 million households with individual retirement accounts and another 100 million people with 401(k)s. This development has made life easier for many Americans that they are likely to be eager to reelect the incumbent.

4. No Worthy Opponent

At 78 years of age and having suffered two significant health incidents in a year, Bernie Sanders may not be physically fit to take the helm as the President of the most powerful nation in the world. Analysts also argue that he is not empathetic enough for the common American. Now that Sanders has fewer chances of emerging the Democrat’s front runner, his supporters feel cheated and they are less likely to vote in fall.

The memory of party leaders privately favoring Hillary Clinton in the previous nomination, at least as far as Sanders’ loyalists are concerned, may not have been put to bed by many Sanders’ supporters. DNC leaders at the time scheduled fewer debates, sometimes slating them for nights when television viewership is low. These supporters feel discouraged about the polls in November.

Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrats’ nominee, does not seem to be the candidate that can best beat Trump. He has little significant backing from more conservative and cooperate elements in the Democratic Party. He may fail to create the large turnout and enthusiasm that is needed to beat Trump. Even if he ups his debating skills, he needs the trust of America’s working class, poor and even middle class, which he currently does not have enough of.

Now that Joe cannot get much attention from his rec room given that many Americans are more focused on the current Covid-19 pandemic, it is getting even tougher for him to sell himself. It is not clear to what extent the pandemic is going to propel Trump’s reelection. But the impact of the crisis is already being felt by the Democratic Party.

Primary elections have been rescheduled and Bernie Sanders is technically still in the race, giving limited time to the winner of these primaries. The pandemic has overshadowed once-important issues like climate change and gun control. “It’s the most dramatic example I can think of in my lifetime about how you cannot control the agenda,” said Les Francis, a Democratic strategist and former deputy White House chief of staff in the Carter administration.

Whites and a sizeable number of people of color people want a nasty president, a true leader of the Free World. Trump has been outspoken and very clear about his Americans-first approach. His opponents lack the ability to turn Trump supporters into believing that Biden can make a better president.

Joe Biden who is now making regular appearances, through his webcast, to speak to the key issue of coronavirus pandemic, has his options limited as far as his campaign strategy is concerned.

5.The Charade of an Impeachment

It will not be lost to the voters how the Democrats tried to tear down Trump with a mockery of an impeachment. When the Founders established impeachment, they feared that one party could use it to control the House against a president. Fortunately, Americans could see through this and the motion failed at the Senate where Trump was exonerated.

This will send the Republicans to vote in huge numbers knowing how badly Democrats want to oust Trump. Moreover, the impeachment also gave the Republicans a chance to defend Trump by highlighting his positive moves and the great strides that the country has taken.

There is plenty of time between now and the elections and anything could happen. However, given Trump’s track record, as far as real issues affecting Americans, his reelection is as good as bagged.