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The Priceless Gifts of Coronavirus Pandemic

We are always advised to make lemonade with the lemons that life hands us. Coronavirus is likely to be among the worst lemons of our generation. Self-quarantine is encouraged to enhance containment efforts. With restrictions limiting our movements outside and keeping us in the house with the members of our families now more than ever, there could be no better time to make the most of our time at home. How best can we make this gift count?

Expect angels!

Firstly, let us note that there is likely to be an uptick of babies conceived during this period. This scary period may put partners closer together than ever as it is a long duration, which is a good thing. Looking at the other side of the coin, there may be reduced cases of divorce as couples spend more time together. Either way, isolation is definitely proving to be a challenge to those used to a lifestyle away from the house.

Remember global warming?

With so many people staying at home across the globe, there is reduced carbon emission as pollutants like cars, factories, and other sources remain off. Even though environmentalists may say this low pollution is a blessing, economists have nothing to smile about. These are the topics that challenge the younger generation to see beyond video games and Netflix. Engage them in debates and educational talks. You may even be amazed at how much they know already.

Universal cleanness

I am sure I am not the only person obsessed with washing my hands. We have been advised on the best hygiene practices to help us stay safe from Covid-19. These high standards of hygiene are good for us and we should continue with most of these practices post-coronavirus. It also presents us with an opportunity to have Science discussions with beloved children on the benefits of handwashing and not touching our noses, mouths or eyes with dirty hands.

Healthy children psychologically

Now, it is clearer to most parents just how much their children enjoy homeschooling better. Online school work is probably less straining and activities shorter. Apart from hanging out virtually with their friends through chatting platforms and playing video games, children are enjoying more unstructured time and they are likely to be happier. This is the time for the parents to also get to spend more time with their children, help them with school work, and have them learn a thing or two from you.

Throw backs moments

With almost all sporting events canceled, it is a terrible time for those who are used to spending time discussing matches, teams, and players. The good news is that we can still play board games with our family members. In case you do not have any physical board games, you could remember some of the games you played like tic-tac-toe. They could find it boring but the rest of the world is just as bored to tears.

Uncovering new fun activities

There are multiplayer Android games that can also be played together. Download to your phones and enjoy. Just be sure the game is appropriate for that particular age group. Try NBA Jam, Spaceteam, Tsuro or Worm 3. Also, give the children an opportunity to show you the games they like. Some of these games will not only make life around the house more fun but also exhibit some of the hidden talents of the family members.

Recreating bonds

Be creative and initiate games that elicit laughter and lasting memories as a family. These games could end up being among the best recollections your child will have of this period. Do paper crafts of your preference together (watch YouTube channels for directions). You could also play ball games if you have a backyard big enough and your family is sportive, decorate your rooms, have a family talent show, enjoy storytime, and participate in scavenger hunts.

Getting to know more about ourselves

It is important that you take the time to listen to your child during this period. Engage them in discussions about their wellbeing. Is there anything that they are struggling with? Show compassion and do not judge. Give them a chance to see just how much you care. Of course, these are things you ought to have been doing on a daily basis but this period presents a lot of time to do it even better.

Better choices

Please help the family to have a balance timed so that they are not spending the whole day with their eyes glued to screens or books. We also recommend that much as our food choices may not be the best at the moment, given limited choices of food items in some places, consider what goes into the bodies of your loved ones.

Being in isolation may mean that you have to work from home, a trend that many are new to. The most important part of making this change successful is by managing your time well. Of course, it is a lot easier if you live alone and you do not have to answer persistent questions from kids. But even when you are home alone, efficient time management will require some level of planning. To the introverts, please put the book down for a moment and check on your extrovert friends.